Digiboost funding

Please note  that Digiboost funding service will be included into Kiito funding service from June 1st 2017. Learn more about Kiito funding service here.

For whom?

Digiboost funding is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and Midcap companies (turnover max. EUR 300 million) of any industrial branch. Digiboost funding is for companies that have made the decision to increase their expertise to better utilise digitalisation and achieve rapid growth in their international business.


Digiboost funding enables SMEs and Midcap companies to enhance their understanding of digitalisation and its utilisation in business operations. The aim is to harness digitalisation to create new earning opportunities and operations and methods that boost the company's competitiveness. In many cases, the exploitation of digitalisation requires a company to develop its management and operating methods. The development of management and operating methods can form part of the Digiboost project.

The company may acquire new expertise by purchasing expert services or through recruitment. It can also include its own payroll costs related to the Digiboost project.


Digiboost funding is suitable for a company with the will and ability to grow internationally by means of digitalisation. Such a company intends to implement a major shift in its operating culture – operating models and management – through digitalisation.

The application period for Digiboost funding runs until 30 June 2017. The decision on the future of Digiboost will be made during the summer 2017.

For what?

Examples of expert services that may be obtained using Digiboost funding:

  • renewal of production methods (e.g. expertise in lean or agile production methods or production technology)
  • digitalisation of business processes, such as:
    • automatisation of operations
    • digitalisation of logistics operations
  • investigation of new market opportunities related to digitalisation
  • connection and inclusion of market/customer insight into the company's business activities
  • development of new operating models and management in order to create a new corporate culture.

What kind of funding, and how much?

Digiboost funding constitutes a de minimis grant, which the company does not need to repay. The maximum amount of Digiboost project is EUR 100,000, of which the maximum amount of Digiboost funding is EUR 50,000. Tekes will pay 50 % of the approved project costs, and the company will cover the remaining 50 %.

The maximum amount of de minimis funding that may be granted to a single company is EUR 200,000 over the current and two previous fiscal years. De minimis funding from Tekes may not constitute more than EUR 150,000 of this sum. When applying for funding, the company must assess how much de minimis funding it has received in previous years.

How to apply for Digiboost funding

Stage 1: Please fill in Team Finland's 'Test your idea' form or talk with a Tekes expert.

Stage 2: If you have already filled in Team Finland's form or talked with a Tekes expert, please fill in Tekes's funding application through our Online Service.

Further information about Digiboost funding

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